Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Work Work Work!

I have just had a taste of what my job will be. And I'm really looking forward to making some headway. To making some french rubber hit the Hay River road.

So, today was my second day on the job. It feels nice to be back at work, after not having worked since JUNE. Jeez louise. Who does that?

I think it will take me a while to figure out what exactly it is that I'm doing at work, but right now I have a project with a very concrete deadline, so it's nice to have something tangible to focus on while I get myself oriented. There will be a lot of room for brainstorming once I figure out my role in this community...being creative and implementing new ideas and activities (as long as I have the perseverence to follow through on them!) are part and parcel to the job, which is quite a lovely characteristic of the job.

Today we looked at an apartment - it's more expensive than we had hoped for, but really quite perfect. It's furnished, it's close to town so we can walk, and it's right smack dab in the middle of all the RCMP housing! Hopefully we'll meet some handsome young officers...
Anyway, we've decided to take the apartment, so we'll hopefully be moving in by the weekend - we're anxious to have our own place. Both Rosie and I have been relatively transient since the summer, so we'll be glad to have a kitchen to cook delicious meals in, a closet to hang clothes in, a desk to set my computer up on...ahhhhhhh. I'm relaxed just thinking about it. My poor finicky little stomach yearns for delicious, nutritious, and well-planned meals. And my body longs to be clothed in whatever clothes are hanging in my closet...instead of just out of day-bag recycled outfits. Living out of my car for the last 3 months has grown old. That's one part of my adventure I am looking forward to leaving in the dust.

Things are looking up. They were already looking quite lovely when we got here, but it's only gotten better.  Isn't that a good sign?

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