Friday, October 9, 2009

We made it!

So....I am actually in the Northwest Territories.  This is very cool. Scary, but very cool.

Cool indeed. Just as we (Rosie and I) came upon the "10km to the 60th parallel" sign, the snow came upon us. Just a little "welcome to the NWT" to make the whole thing feel authentic.

I probably need to give some background information, because this story really starts a ways back, but...not tonight. We just got here tonight, cooked our microwaveable east indian dinners, and now we're ready for bed. I'll tell you all about it....tomorrow. I just felt the need to start a blog right away, or else it might never happen. Good intentions only go so far until you can make the rubber hit the road. So, feel the burn....this is the beginning of my proverbial rubber hitting the NWT sweetly paved roads.

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