Sunday, October 18, 2009

Home Sweet Hay River.

We are home, the ol' Rose and I. We moved in this weekend.

We were finally able to get into the elusive apartment...the one that we tried to see multiple times this week, but failed to on all but one occasion (the final one....obviously). It was our first real taste of the infamous "northern time" (also known by many other colorful and slanderous names, but we'll keep it general and kind). For those of you who don't know, people up here call anything that takes forever (which is basically most processes) "Northern Time", because people operate on a different proverbial sun dial up big city to make you hustle your buns! 

Anyway, in a very humorous (in retrospect) and roundabout way, we have moved in to our new apartment. We were staying with our new friend MeAgHan (just making the spelling corrections to my previously mispelled new friend's name...she's a NEW friend, how was I to know how to spell it?).  As a sidenote, I think she will soon graduate to just "friend". It's already almost time to drop the "new" bit.  I digress. We were staying at...Meaghan's....until this weekend. Yesterday we moved in to the little green 3-storey apartment building just minutes away from "downtown" Hay River. We are on the 3rd floor, with a teensy balcony that faces north. Know what that means? Prime Aurora Borealis viewing zone! Because we are one of only a handful of more-than-one-storey buildings, we are on top of the Hay River world. Can't wait to catch our first glimpse of those lights....

We don't have a phone number yet, nor do we know our address...but these things will come in (northern) time. I'l keep you posted. But for now, rest assured that Rosie and I are cozy and well fed in our slightly barren and ambiguously stinky apartment. TTFN.

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