Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wine List

I realize that I have not mentioned my Thursday night wine list in a while. If anyone is looking for recommendations for new wines to try, I’m going to suggest shopping in the French isle.

French is maybe cliché as far as wine goes, and I’ve never been interested in them until now. I’ve gone through looooooong phases of Australian Shiraz (bin 555, for a hearty choice) – because, I always thought, how can you go wrong with Yellowtail? Then I shifted to a full year of Argentinean Malbecs. Tasty, reliable, full-bodied, smooth malbecs. A winner amongst former Shiraz drinkers. Well….my tastes have changed.

The dry and thin tastes of France and Italy have stolen my heart…and my tastebuds. I stumbled upon Chateauneuf du Pape a couple of months back (my first and most hearty recommendation), and now have made it around the Hay River liquor store represented-country circuit. This week I settled on a simple and homemade-looking bottle of Bouchard Ainé et Fils….merlot! No matter what Paul Giamatti may say, merlots have made it back into my good books.

Looking for a new wine to try? Try Bouchard Ainé et Fils, and watch the taste evolve over time. At first crack, it tingles the tip of the tongue. Interesting. Tangy. Let it sit a bit, and taste the way it rounds out and becomes fuller over time. I always taste it immediately after opening, have a half glass, to see what it’s like at first birth. Then another half glass after it has had a chance to mellow at least an hour or two. Then a glass the next day, to see what a day can do. Write down what you observe. It will change the way you taste.

Practice being observant. It will change the way you live. Er, and drink.

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