Sunday, December 20, 2009

Standing O for TwentyTwelve

The end of the world is nigh. The earth's core will melt the earth's surface and cause the poles to relocate in a major surface shift...or so says a disheveled and psychopathic Woody Harrelson.

Just got home from seeing the best worst movie I've ever seen.  I loved it so much I hated it. I hated it so much I loved it. Poor John Cusack - having to work with that predictable drivel. At least he didn't have to hear the overkillickly dramatic soundtrack while filming - I would like to think, for his dignity's and reputation's sake, that that would have been the dealbreaker.

Why do people keep making these movies? Is it really what America really wants? Even though they have seen this movie time and time again...albeit with different names, different budgets, and different they really not cringe at every predictable plot line,  every one-liner, and ever ridiculously-and-totally-milked close-call death experience?

But the fact that I hated it so much, and that I couldn't keep myself from physical manifestations of the former, made me grateful, in some strange, alive kind of way. I left that theatre with a sense of ridiculousness, a sense of wasted time, but also a sense that there is some purpose in it all. I had so much emotion bottled up in me that I couldn't help but throw myself into a standing O position. Well, I couldn't help myself...but Meaghan could. She pinned me down as soon as she felt the strange energy emanating from the psycho beside her. I wanted to clap, but alas, my hands were tied up at the moment. Which was probably a good thing for the sake of my reputation in this teensy town  (not too teensy to have a teensy movie theatre, mind you).

2012, you make me crazy. Thank you.

And John Cusack, I will for your sake be open minded and forgiving. I'm sure you had your reasons.


  1. you're welcome


  2. Ya the movie was rubbish!
    had potential but the blew it 15 minutes in, no maybe 10, no 5 for sure.